ACCEPTANCE OF SPONSORSHIP:  Sponsorship is confirmed upon receipt of payment or notification by Trident Global, LLC, the owner and producer of SUP-X: ™ The StartUp Expo (“Trident”).  Trident reserves the right to reject any applications for sponsorship.  
SPONSORSHIP BENEFITS:  Sponsorship benefits are generally as outlined on the sponsorship page of the event website or in the Sponsorship Brochure, but specific benefits of any individual sponsorship are outlined in the Confirmation Agreement that is sent upon receipt of an indication of interest in sponsoring the event.  A sponsorship is not confirmed until receipt by Trident of an executed Confirmation Agreement and the associated deposit. 
EXHIBIT SPACE: Exhibit space included in any specific sponsorship package is either a 6’x6’ table in the entrance foyer or a 10’x10’ booth located in the main exhibit hall.  Such exhibit spaces include a single 30” by 6’ draped table and two chairs.  A schedule of additional booth options (electrical connection, WiFi access, trash cans, etc.) and their rental rates will be included in the Confirmation Agreement.  Exhibits must be contained within the assigned space, unless prior approval is secured from Trident.  Exhibit space is assigned at the discretion of Trident and typically in order of sponsorship level and payment date.  Trident will attempt to accommodate specific exhibit space location requests, however. 
CANCELLATION OF SPONSORSHIP:  Sponsorship cancellations must be made in writing.  Cancellations received prior to November 30, 2016, will be refunded the sponsorship fee less 50%.  Sponsorship fees are non-refundable after November 30, 2016.  
FEES AND PAYMENT:  Total sponsorship fee is required within 30 days of delivery of your signed Confirmation Agreement.  Sponsorship and exhibition assignments are not confirmed until your payment is received.  The sponsorship agreement becomes a contract when signed by the sponsor and accepted by Trident. 
EXHIBIT RESTRICTIONS:  Trident reserves the right to restrict or prohibit exhibits which, because of noise, method of operation, or any other reason, are objectionable or otherwise detract from or are out of keeping with the character of the conference as a whole.  Trident may prohibit installation or request removal or discontinuance of any exhibitor or promotion that, if continued, departs substantially from exhibitor’s pre-approved design and description.  In the event of such restrictions prohibitions or removal, Trident or its agents shall not be liable to the sponsor exhibitor. 
HOTEL RESERVATIONS:  Sponsors needing hotel accommodations should make reservations directly with the hotel. We encourage sponsors to reserve early in order to take advantage of group rates.  
PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL DISTRIBUTION:  Advertising and promotion materials may be distributed from the exhibit table only.  No materials may be placed on seats, attached to walls, ceilings, or woodwork in the conference facility, or left in public places or breakout rooms for distribution, unless by prior agreement with Trident. 
INSTALLATION AND REMOVAL OF EXHIBITS:  Please refer to the confirmation packet for schedule of setup and breakdown times for exhibit spaces. Sponsors shall be responsible for the delivery, setup, and removal of equipment and display material to and from the exhibit table area.
PROTECTION OF FACILITY PROPERTY: Sponsors will be held responsible for any damage done to the building by them or their employees. 
SECURITY:  Exhibit space is open to the public and will not be secured or monitored by Trident.  Exhibitors are solely responsible for any and all of their exhibit materials, equipment, devices, and personal effects.
LIABILITY AND INSURANCE:  Trident, its agents, the conference facility, the employees or representatives thereof, and other organizations and persons connected with this conference shall not be held responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur to the sponsor or employees of the sponsor or their property from any cause whatsoever, prior to, during, or subsequent to the period covered by the sponsorship contract.  Sponsors should place their own insurance to cover all contingencies.  The sponsor agrees to indemnify those listed above against any claims or such loss, damage, or injury.  Upon signing the sponsorship agreement, the sponsor expressly releases the foregoing institutions, individuals, and committees from any and all claims of loss, damage, or injury.  This also includes the period of storage prior to and following the conference.  Small articles of value should be properly secured or removed for safe keeping prior to leaving the exhibit unattended.  Sponsor assumes entire responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend, and save Trident, its staff, the conference facilities, and its employees and agents harmless against all claims, losses, and damages to persons or property, governmental charges or finds, and attorneys’ fees arising out of or caused by sponsors installation, removal, maintenance, occupancy, or use of the exhibit/conference premises or a part thereof.  Additional terms and conditions required by the conference facility may apply and will be provided with your confirmation packet.